Trigon Toolkit

SEK 999

Our most innovative bundle yet- the Trigon Toolkit comes with 4 putting aids. First, the Steel Trigon Mirror is a double-sided reflective plate for checking eye line, practicing start line, face alignment, aim, and enforcing center contact. It also acts as a stencil, working alongside the Putting Chalk Pens to create an identical alignment setup on grass. Next up, the Trigon Toolkit includes a double sided, reflective steel shoulder alignment mirror. The flip side acts as a ruler to measure setup and calibrate your stroke length. On top of that, this bundle boasts 2 Putting Chalk Pens, filled with non-toxic, water based chalk for creating aim lines, alignment tracks, and start line graphics. These wipe away easily with a damp cloth and don’t damage or kill the grass. Lastly, this kit includes a retractable aim string. This can be used to align the Trigon to a desired aim point, whether it’s the hole or a secondary point. This helps with not only aim, but start line, and green reading. Check out our tutorial videos for tips, tricks and drills to improve your game!

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